Is the Keto Diet Healthy or Unhealthy?

Is Keto Healthy, and Are Carbs Unhealthy? We don't think so.

So, is the Keto Diet Unhealthy or Healthy? You might remember that Dr. Atkins popularized low-carb diets a few decades ago, but you may not know that doctors first used these kinds of diets as long ago as the early 20th Century to help manage epilepsy. According to Harvard Medical School, keto diets may be … Read moreIs the Keto Diet Healthy or Unhealthy?

Tips to Eat 50 Grams of Cheap Vegan Protein a Day

Plant Sources of Protein

Can Vegans Eat Enough Protein? First, you don’t have to be vegan to benefit from Most of us here do lean towards veganism or vegetarianism for a variety of reasons. We’ve already discussed that protein deficiency can cause weight gain, and average people should plan to consume 50 grams of protein or more each … Read moreTips to Eat 50 Grams of Cheap Vegan Protein a Day

3 Big Reasons Diets Make You Fatter

The Truth About How Diets Make You Fatter Sad but true, 95 percent of dieters fail. What’s worse, their stoic attempts to starve themselves by restricting all food or entire groups of food. usually end up making these dieters gain weight and lose lean muscle. In the end, the weight-loss diet has make them fatter … Read more3 Big Reasons Diets Make You Fatter

Protein Deficiency Weight Gain

How Protein Deficiency Causes Weight Gain If you’re having trouble losing weight, suffer from cravings, or lack muscle tone, you might suffer from a protein deficiency. If you’re losing weight without consuming enough protein, you can bet that your starving body is cannibalizing your muscles. That’s why your brain is screaming at you to send … Read moreProtein Deficiency Weight Gain