Is the Eco Atkins Diet the Vegan Keto Solution?

Is Eco Atkins Good?

Is Eco Atkins Worth Trying? Eco Atkins Review Video: Eco Atkins has become the popular name for a vegan keto diet, mostly intended for weight loss. Since low-carb, keto diets got the distinction of getting rated as the absolutely worst fad diets by U.S. News and World Report, maybe a vegan or at least, vegetarian … Read moreIs the Eco Atkins Diet the Vegan Keto Solution?

Are Keto Diets Safe? [Infographic]

Are Keto Diets Really Safe? Following up on the earlier post that explored the questions of whether keto diets are healthy or unhealthy, we gathered so much information and feedback that it seemed important to share it. We even created an infographic about the safety of keto diets because it seemed like a good way … Read moreAre Keto Diets Safe? [Infographic]

Is the Keto Diet Healthy or Unhealthy?

Is Keto Healthy, and Are Carbs Unhealthy? We don't think so.

So, is the Keto Diet Unhealthy or Healthy? You might remember that Dr. Atkins popularized low-carb diets a few decades ago, but you may not know that doctors first used these kinds of diets as long ago as the early 20th Century to help manage epilepsy. According to Harvard Medical School, keto diets may be … Read moreIs the Keto Diet Healthy or Unhealthy?