Are Keto Diets Safe? [Infographic]

Are Keto Diets Really Safe? Following up on the earlier post that explored the questions of whether keto diets are healthy or unhealthy, we gathered so much information and feedback that it seemed important to share it. We even created an infographic about the safety of keto diets because it seemed like a good way … Read moreAre Keto Diets Safe? [Infographic]

You Might be Fat Because You Don’t Sleep Enough

Does Lack of Sleep Make You Fat? Does skipping a few hours with the Sandman make you gain weight? Yes, it probably does. It seems counter-intuitive. After all, if you’re awake, you could engage in activities that actually burn more calories than simply dreaming about doing things. However, that’s not really the way your body … Read moreYou Might be Fat Because You Don’t Sleep Enough