Is the Eco Atkins Diet the Vegan Keto Solution?

Is the Eco Atkins Diet the Vegan Keto Solution?

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Is Eco Atkins Worth Trying?

Eco Atkins Review Video:

Eco Atkins has become the popular name for a vegan keto diet, mostly intended for weight loss. Since low-carb, keto diets got the distinction of getting rated as the absolutely worst fad diets by U.S. News and World Report, maybe a vegan or at least, vegetarian twist on low carb would serve as an improvement.

It’s possible to find low-carb sources of protein and other nutrients on a plant-based diet. That doesn’t make it a good idea.

Does the Eco Atkins Diet Work for Weight Loss?

Look, most diets fail people. Taking an idea to eliminate whole groups of food and applying it to a lifestyle that already eliminates other kinds of food could make you question the prudence of following a plan like the Eco Atkins diet. Sure, the Atkins site reported success with both vegans and vegetarians in a low-carb diet study.

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Here are two problems with the Eco Atkins diet study:

  1. They admitted that they restricted calories and included physical activity. Isn’t it possible that any diet would work when people follow it under controlled conditions, reduce calories and get more activity. The question is: Can you stick to it.
  2. Vegans and vegetarians lost the same amount of weight. The vegans enjoyed lower LDL numbers. That’s compared to people eating dairy and eggs, which might have been the source of the improvement and not Eco Atkins recipes.

What’s Better Than Eco Atkins for Weight Loss?

If you want to enjoy a plant-based diet, you might as well enjoy it. Go ahead and eat a sweet potato and a bowl of beans. Consume reasonable amounts of fat from whole foods, like nuts, and avocados. Go easy on the margarine and cooking oil.

The keto diet may be unhealthy in any form.



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