Demystifying Food Cravings: What Cravings Actually Mean

Demystifying Food Cravings: What Cravings Actually Mean

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 What Do Food Cravings Really Mean?

What Do Food Cravings Mean? Earlier, Cravings Cured covered how your gut can actually send you food cravings because you’re starving yourself of certain essential nutrients. You may not interpret these cravings in the healthiest or most efficient way because you speak English, your gut speaks another language, and your brain’s translation program isn’t perfect.

Of course, no two people are exactly alike. Still, it’s possible to offer some tips that can help you listen to your cravings, satisfy your appetite, and start enjoying better health. To help demystify food cravings, it might help to look into the meanings of the most common food cravings.

Demystifying Common Food Cravings

Get started with these common food cravings and their possible meanings:

Curing Chocolate Cravings

Some people crave chocolate so much that they almost consider it an addiction. Certainly, you can satisfy a chocolate craving by adding unsweetened cocoa powder to many dishes, plant milk, and of course, coffee. Another tip is to buy a dark chocolate bar, break off a square or two, and then melt it in the microwave over a couple of handfuls of nuts.

Some deficiencies that can cause chocolate cravings include magnesium, some B vitamins, chromium, and essential fatty acids. It’s worth noting that chocolate also helps boost serotonin, so your craving could be emotional. If you’ve got the blues, you can find healthy ways to indulge in a bit of chocolate and spend some time relieving your stress in other ways.

Curbing Carbohydrate Cravings

If you’ve already looked around Cravings Cured, you know that we don’t think carbohydrates are the devil. Your craving for empty carbs and calories may simply stem from not eating enough healthy carbs, particularly those with plenty of gut-feeding fiber.You’re probably having trouble keeping your blood sugar in check, and the right diet can help minor issues with this.

These are some tips to help satisfy your carb craving while staying fit:

  • Discover whole and sprouted grains, tofu, lentils, starchy vegetables, and other sources of healthy carbs and fiber again.
  • You may lack magnesium and chromium, which also help balance blood sugar.
  • Make sure you’re hydrated and have had enough sleep.

Fried Food Cravings 

The most intuitively obvious reason for craving fried food is a lack of healthy fat. You might start by eating a portion or two of nuts, seeds, avocado, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, fatty fish, or olive oil. If you want to fry food, try using a little bit of spray oil in the oven or a saute pan instead of several inches of deep-fry oil.

Red Meat Obsessions

People actually don’t tend to crave read meat as much as they crave carbs. That might suggest something about the importance of healthy carbs over dripping hunks of red meat. In any case, cravings for red meat are likely to stem from a need for health fat, iron, or certain B vitamins. Dark-green vegetables, legumes, and adding a bit of nutritional yeast to other dishes can help with this.


You need to consume some salt to stay healthy, so if you’ve been carefully avoiding salt, make sure you consume some every day. Otherwise, you may have a problem with an electrolyte imbalance because of a lack of B vitamins or even stress. Coconut water helps balance electrolytes. Otherwise, food with healthy fat and B vitamins, like nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Nutritional yeast also has a cheesy, salty flavor that most people like, and you can add it to vegetables and other dishes as a condiment.

What if Food Won’t Satisfy Your Food Cravings

If you eat an ample amount of healthy food, it’s likely you’re having trouble balancing your blood sugar because you don’t stay hydrated, need more sleep, or are struggling with stress or other emotional issues. In some cases, you may suffer from other medical conditions, so it’s not terrible advice to tell you to get a checkup if you suffer cravings frequently and simple dietary changes don’t offer any solutions. A doctor can test your blood sugar and other markers.


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