Cravings Cured? You Need to Eat More and Not Less

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The Not-So-Secret Sauce to Have Your Cravings Cured

How can I possibly tell you that you suffer from excess weight or ill health because you don’t eat enough food and NOT because you eat too much? Well, I actually have no idea how many calories, carbs, or fat grams that you consume. I do know that if you’ve followed most of the popular diets on the market these days, you’ve been duped into wreaking havoc with your body chemistry and gut biome. And that, my friends, is no way to get cravings cured.

Nope, Diets Don’t Work

I can tell you that diets don’t work, but it might be easier if I just showed you a picture. Here’s the Diet Failure Statistics Infographic that we created from credible sources. You can also find the sources that we used to draw you an image of how terrible most diets are at their one goal — making people leaner.

What to Know About Curing Cravings

Here’s what else I can tell you about getting your cravings cured:

  • Lots of folks have had their cravings cured, mood improved, and health renewed simply by ensuring they eat enough of the macronutrients they need to keep their body running.
  • If you starve yourself by restricting these macronutrients, you’re going to suffer from predictable poor results. Your body will scream at you to feed it, but the biggest problem is that you will interpret these pleas for help wrong if you don’t take the time to understand them.
  • Despite what most diet gurus tell you, minimum requirements are hardly a secret, though your own individual nutritional needs will vary, depending upon your body type, activity level, and body chemistry.

Is Eating for Good Health a Big Secret?

I will also repeat that nobody really keeps your basic nutritional needs a big secret. Well, that is, nobody covers up your basic nutritional needs if you don’t count all of the diet gurus who make bank off of your poor health. I can’t pull punches here because your health, mental well-being, and even the sustainability of the planet is at stake.

If you want the Cliff’s Notes version of the sensible way to cure cravings, just consult the Guide to Carbohydrates, Protein, Fat, and Fiber on This is from the government, but it’s no government conspiracy to keep you fat and miserable.Trying to improve your weight, fitness, and health by eating in a way that runs counter to medical advice and common sense hardly makes sense.

This is a quick outline with average requirements for the most basic nutrients:

  • Protein: The average sedentary person needs from 46 to 56 grams of protein per day, and if you don’t eat what you need, you’ll never enjoy success on a diet because you’ll start cannibalizing your muscles.
  • Fiber: Average people need from 21 to 38 grams of fiber a day, and average Americans consume about half the fiber they need each day.
  • Fat: As with other nutrients, requirements vary by body size and activity, but they can range from 44 to over 70 grams a day for most people. The kinds of fat you need also matter.

Note: These figures are very general, and part of what I do here on Cravings Cured is help you find the right balance for yourself.

While your own needs can vary considerably, the best gift you can give to yourself every day is enough of the right food. Obviously, sedentary people require less than active people. Smaller adults require less than larger ones.  I hate to sound like I’m ranting, but it’s really criminal that people are starving themselves when they have abundant food around them. And yes, 2,000 calories without the right nutrients is starving.

What Kind of Diet Helps You Lose 10 Pounds and Regain 20?

Yet, people do it all of the time because that’s what diet gurus  and their copywriters have convinced you is true. By now, you must realize that it’s not true because it doesn’t work. Even if it works for a few weeks or month, it never works for long.  You don’t want a diet that helps you lose 10 pounds and then gain back 15. You want a solution that will help you stay fit and enjoy food for the rest of your life.

I don’t care if you follow low-fat, low-carb, keto, paleo, low-calorie, or whatever the new diets call themselves, they’re telling you to avoid entire groups of food, and this advice can lead to the rebound effect and failed dieting efforts that 95 percent of dieters experience. If you want more information about this bad news, check out a UCLA study on diet failure.

Diets Don’t Work; Healthy Eating Strategies Do Work

These popular, fad diets won’t help you get your cravings cured, and in fact, they’ll only get worse because you’re not fueling your body adequately. No, diets don’t work. Your failure to lose weight on popular diets is not YOUR failure. Well, you might consider you stoic attempts to follow bad, and nonsensical advice a failure, but beyond that, there’s no way to succeed on these diets. You lose a few pounds, feel bad, and then end up gaining back more weight than you ever lost.

Anyway, if you’re ready to get your cravings cured, stick around. You can learn frugal and sustainable ways of eating that allow you to enjoy food and freedom from cravings. As a bonus, you can lose body fat, improve your physical and mental health, and pass your smart eating tips on to friends and family.